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Outback Sewing Shop Opening


My husband and I have always been at home in the country all our lives, living in the little village of Flinton, located in Southwest Qld. When you live in the country, almost all your day is spent doing hard work, and after your kids grow up and leave home, you need a more manageable lifestyle. I was looking for a job that would give my body some reprieve.

In 2016 we came across a sewing machine at a garage sale. Considering we had just finished construction on a shed, this seemed like the stars aligning. We are both passionate about learning new skills. Thus we jumped at the opportunity to increase our knowledge of industrial sewing. Many years ago, we dipped our toes into industrial sewing by making dog collars and were ecstatic to build on this. Before long, we were producing custom Pvc vinyl gear bags, working with shade cloth and canvas material.

I was passionate about colour designs and constantly experimenting with different colour combinations. Creating additional items and working with our customers to create the perfect product for them has become the highlight of our day.

Next chapter

The next chapter was creating a retail store. Wow, was that a journey! We got there and are so proud of our achievements. Nothing flash like in towns and cities, but it is incredible for us and all our customers. Here is to the following chapters of our life 

Outback Sewing after photo shop opening
Outback Sewing shop display shelf

The day the shop opened was such an exciting day.

Outback Sewing before shop opening

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