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Gear Bags

Buy a Durable, Well-Constructed, Colourful Gear Bag

We can supply the perfect handcrafted gear bag, whether you need it for storing toiletries, transporting your outfits when visiting friends over the weekend, or stashing your kit when you go motocross riding. Our hard-wearing, top-quality products also garner attention wherever they go because the beautiful colours make them striking and attractive.

Reasons Why Customers Love Our Vinyl Gear Bags

Besides being long-lasting – with high tear and tensile strength - our bags are lightweight, resist humidity and mildew, are weatherproof, UV-stabilised, and fire-retardant. In addition, you can recycle vinyl once it has served its purpose, which is good for the environment.
  • Our products contain Toughstuff medium-duty PVC fabric.
  • The material has a demonstrated field performance history.
  • Fire retardant PVC coats the plain weave base cloth.
  • It thus complies with the AS 2930 tarpaulin standard and general Building Code of Australia requirements.
  • The easy-to-clean top surface consists of a protective acrylic lacquer.
  • We sew small, medium, large, and extra-large PVC gear bags.
  • Our stitchers gladly custom-make luggage in the colours of your choice.
Purchasers order our carrier bags for various reasons; when running to the supermarket, camping, or carrying art supplies to school. Clients also appreciate our excellent artisanship, convenient ordering, quick production and delivery times, and friendly customer service.

Pick and Choose Among Our Sports Duffle Bags

We will supply what you need, whether you want a lined bag to protect your stock or western saddle, a carrier when you go to the gym or surfing, or a big-league haulier for rock climbing. We supply bags with side, end, and inside pockets, heavy-duty zips, and handles made of seatbelt webbing that runs underneath the bag. You can transport a halter, bridle, saddle cloth and saddle in our XL Gear Bag. However, do you want something smaller? If so, we provide several PVC duffle bag options, and you can choose between various body, pocket, and handle colours when ordering online. We use bonded polyester UV-treated sewing thread designed to withstand sun, salt water, and wind conditions. Manufacturers use it when producing hot air balloons, tents, sails, and horse rugs, among other products required to endure rugged conditions.

Cheer On Our Family-Owned, Rural, Retail and Online Store

We love hearing from our customers. You won’t be sorry, as we put all we have into providing our customers with the best, be it a water bottle, tote, horse nose, shopping, or weekender gear bag. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or desire something specific.

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