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Horse with a nose feed bag hanging over its head

Introducing our Horse Nose Feed Bag, the perfect solution for feeding your horse on the go. Made with durable, easy-to-clean material, this feed bag is designed to comfortably fit over your horse’s nose, allowing them to eat while preventing waste and mess. The adjustable strap ensures a secure and snug fit, while the breathable design keeps your horse comfortable during feeding. Whether you’re travelling, at a competition, or want to reduce feed waste in the pasture, our Horse Nose Feed Bag is the ideal feeding solution for horse owners. Say goodbye to wasted feed and hello to convenience with our Horse Nose Feed Bag.

Horse Nose Feed Bag

Bottom pvc colour
  • Made from shade cloth, bottom made of Pvc vinyl. Body colour will be green shade sail. Head rope will be ski rope adjustable. A double-stitched hard-wearing nose bag.  A rope is sewn in the rim to hold the top of the shape of the bag - so no more bag collapsing as you put your feed scoop in!  Our design has a PVC bottom for those who wet down or add supplements or medication to their feed. All seams double-stitched with UV Treated Sewing Thread. Ideal for your use in your horse stable or the side of your horse float when you are at a competition

    Rope  Length- 130cm

    Width of base- 35cm

    Height approximate- 25cm

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