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three panic quick release leads

Introducing the Panic Quick Release Lead, the ultimate solution for horse owners who want a reliable and safe way. This lead is designed with a quick-release mechanism that allows you to easily detach your horse from the lead in case of an emergency or if your pet becomes agitated. The durable and strong material ensures your horse remains secure while allowing easy handling. With comfortable seatbelt webbing and a length of 33.5cm, this lead is perfect for any horse size and provides peace of mind for you and your friend. Say goodbye to tangled leads and hello to the convenience and security of the Panic Quick Release Lead. Order now and enjoy stress-free walks with your pet.

Panic Quick Release Lead

  • High tear and tensile strength

    Mildew resistant

    UV stabilized

    Fire retardantHigh tear and tensile strengthMildew resistantUV stabilizedFire retardant

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