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Ideal Travel Toiletry Bag

Are you looking for the ideal travel toiletry bag? OutBack Sewing offers authentic Australian products handmade from PVC. A travel toiletry bag is perfect for carrying personal hygiene and grooming items when travelling. It is a convenient travel accessory to organise and keep all your items handy. No more searching through your luggage for that missing toothbrush! A compact travel toiletry bag takes up less space, so you have more space for other items.

Durable PVC Toiletry Bags

For durability and water resistance, we offer toiletry bags made from PVC. Stop your toiletries from getting wet, even in damp conditions. It is perfect for the beach or a trip to a humid climate. PVC is easy to clean as it is non-porous and smooth. Simply wipe your toiletry bag with a damp cloth to see any spills or stains disappear. Another advantage of a PVC toiletry bag is that it can withstand wear and tear and protect your toiletries from damage. Many PVC toiletry bags are transparent, making finding what you are looking for easy.

Our PVC Makeup Bag

We also have PVC makeup bags, ranging from small and compact to large and spacious. The benefit of a PVC makeup bag is its many compartments or pockets for essential items such as pencils and brushes. Opt for a zipper or a snap closure for added convenience.

Make Packing a Breeze

For travel toiletry bags to makeup bags, including a PVC option for extra ruggedness and flexibility in terms of storage, choose from OutBack Sewing’s range and make packing a breeze.


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