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Shopping Bags PVC Vinyl

Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags That Won’t Rip On the First Trip

Traditional shopping bags have proven troublesome for many reasons, from creating plastic pollution to ripping after only a few trips of grocery shopping. Not to mention many people don’t reuse them. Our PVC bags offer a carrying solution for all your shopping woes. Here are some PVC material shopping bags we can provide:

  • Small Pattern Bag: Height- 29cm, Length- 25cm, Width- 24cm – range of patterns
  • Extra Large Bag: Height- 29cm, length- 47cm, Width- 25cm
  • The Beach Shopper (Ideal for the beach or shopping, really) Height- 29cm, Length- 47cm, width- 25cm.

Why PVC Shopping Bags for Your Shopping Trips

PVC bags offer the following benefits over traditional plastic bags:
  • Long lasting. The large size offers robust, tear-resistant capacity; they won’t disappoint you.
  • UV Resistance. Won’t fade even if you use them on the beach.
  • Pollution. Because they’re long-lasting and strong, they’re much less likely to end up unused in landfills.
  • Convenience. Handy side pockets for keys and shopping lists!

Check Out Now or Browse Our Other PVC Products

With exciting colours galore, innovative styles and custom options, please take your time to browse around the site and don’t wait if you have questions – we’d love to hear from you.



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