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Yetti holder yellow


Water Bottle Carry Bag

Body colour
Pvc holder Strap
  • This holder bag is great to carry your Yeti water bottle 36oz or 1065ml  or any 1.25L bottle. Travel hands-free while keeping hydrated on your bike, saddle, or motorbike  Has a push-button clip to easily take your bottle out, when clipped up your bottle cannot fall out as shown in photos two Dees to tie your bag on a saddle or bike with supplied PVC ties or add a clip and clip the bag on. Clip a shoulder strap on and automatically it becomes a carry water bottle for hiking etc 

    Length - 25cm  

    Base Width across- 10cm.

    Top width across – 16cm

    Overall width across - 20.5cm

    Extra tough Pvc  

    Limited amount to be made in this Pvc grade

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