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Outback Sewing shop in the small rural town of Flinton Qld 4422

Our Dream

We started by spending many long, hard days building our shop, sewing room, and cutting room. We began with sewing tables and a sewing machine.

We cannot believe how far we have come.

Thank you to all our customers for your ongoing support  

Outback Sewing Logo
Cleaning of shed to build Outback Sewing shop

Cleaning out the shed

Building this new shop to compliment our wide range of products. So exciting.

Cleaning of shed for shop construction.

Digging holes for the flooring

Having lots of fun with the kids, my son and his humour got to love him.

Our kids come in handy sometimes, lol

They worked very hard

Digging of stump holes for Outback Sewing Shop construction.
Welding of stumps for Outback Sewing shop construction

Welding the stumps

The husband is sweating away welding all the stumps for the flooring.

Walls going up

Outback Sewing floor construction for shop
Vinyl floor covering layed down for Outback Sewing Shop constrution.

Vinyl going down, starting to
come together

Inside is just about finished

Outback Sewing shop construction completed.

Desk face
has been
built on.

Cameron Foat Outback sewing builder of the shop.

An entrance ramp is being built for wheelchair access

Entrance to Outback Sewing shop being built.
Wheelchair access to Outback Sewing shop completed.

Shelving going in

Shelving being assembled for Outback Sewing shop.
Shelving for Outback sewing shop

Products going on shelving 

Outback Sewing products being added to shelving.
Toiletry bags and makeup bags hanging in Outback Sewing retail shop

Cutting room rolls on a new device my husband built 

Toughstuff pvc vinyl
Cutting out room for Outback Sewing products.

Ready to open the shop 26th of November 2022

Allyson and Cameron Foat pictured at there shop opening.

Thank you to all our customers who have made this possible. 


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