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5 tips for travelling through Australia

Updated: May 2

1 You must have a toilet roll holder for your toilet paper so it doesn't get dusty or roll around the floor of the car. The "Hang In There" toilet roll holder is great for hanging in a tree and pulling the paper out of the bottom as there is a slit in the bottom of the bag.5 tips for travelling through Australia

Toilet roll holder with a roll of toilet paper in it
Hang in there toilet roll holder

2. A toilet roll holder that holds three rolls. If all the family are travelling, the children will want plenty of pit stops, and you must protect your toilet paper.


A toilet roll holder that holds three rolls
Three toilet roll holder

3. A hand towel holder for your viva or paper towel.

Dirty hands need washing and drying.

A bag with some hand towel in it
Hand towel bag to hold paper toweling in

4. A car trash bin to put all your papers and garbage


A photo of a car bin bag hanging over the gear stick of a car
Car bin

5. Laundry bag for all those dirty clothes is a must-have

A photo of a laundry bag made of shade cloth
Laundry Bag

Until next time I will have another five more

must-have Outback Sewing products

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