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Outback Sewings toiletry bags

Updated: May 2

The right gear and equipment are crucial when travelling long distances in outback Australia. This blog will provide information on Outback Sewing toiletry bags and shower bags. These products help you feel more at home with hygiene needs while travelling.

TOILETRY / MAKEUP BAG with a bit of colour and style

TOILETRY BAG is the ultimate men's or children's bag, as items will not fall out easily when they don't zip the bag up.

SHOWER MATE is the perfect toiletry bag. All products stand up

SHOWER MATE: all your products will stand up, avoiding all spills

Toiletry bag shower mate
outbacksewing shower-mate

We hope you enjoyed our article on our outback sewing products. Today, we are incredibly excited to feature these beautifully handcrafted Outback Sewing Australian-made toiletry bags, shower bags, and other Outback products. These products are made to last and are perfect for travelling and everyday life when you need to pack light. For more information on the products, visit our website at Thank you so much for reading!

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